A Little About me

Greetings and thank you for stopping by to find out a little more about me. I hope this day finds you well and in good spirits. I am afraid I am not really that interesting but will try to make this brief and hopefully mildly entertaining. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I like to have fun and think that laughter is the best remedy for everything. Well almost everything, but I don’t want to start rambling on. I retired after a long and demanding 22 year career as a Professional Chef and restaurant manager. I should go ahead and apologize but I will not cater or cook for your wedding or rehearsal. There is no amount of begging, flattery or money that could bring me out of retirement. That last statement may not be completely accurate. I was searching for something to do next and had always been intrigued with Emergency Medical Services so I took the course and received my certification. I worked in EMS for the last five years and had a wonderful and exciting time while doing it. I still hold current certifications in CPR and as an EMT and can be handy to have around in case of a splinter tragedy or skinned knee. I always remind the “couple to be” to make sure not to stand lock kneed to prevent passing out, and that is mainly to remind myself to heed my own warning. An EMT is of no use if they become the patient and I feel the same would ring true if your officiant passed out before the I do’s. I am now fortunate enough to be focusing on several different projects while starting my own business and working from home. This work however, in my capacity as a Minister and wedding Officiant is very exciting and closer to my heart and overall well being, than anyone could possibly imagine. It is a much needed part of my life that has plugged a void that I carried for a very long time. I have embarked on several ventures recently, and they all could not be farther from the other in terms of similarity. I like to keep people guessing, or I just still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Although in the past I always tried to have a smile and crack a joke to make someone else smile or laugh, on the inside it was not the same, as Smokey Robinson sang the “tears of a clown” that could not ring more true than for me and my internal struggles. I am not going to go too much deeper, I only want to say that I am still here, I still have work to be done in this life. I am grateful to still be here but I am even more grateful to be genuinely happy and truly smiling on the inside and outside alike. I find that being with a couple on the happiest day of their lives is more rewarding for me than anything I have ever accomplished. I truly am honored to be a part of their special occasion and even if everything doesn’t go one hundred percent as planned, and it rarely does usually only a few people know and everyone else has no idea. When I present the new couple for the first time, the ones that I just had the honor and privilege to bind together in law and Love. There is no greater feeling of overwhelming joy and love shared by everyone in attendance than at that moment. That is why I am humbly grateful and extremely honored when a couple asks me to be a party to their most joyous and special occasion. Thank you so much for allowing me to chew your ear for a lot longer than I deserved. I hope the rest of your day finds you having many many genuine smiles and its okay to laugh at stupid jokes if you find them funny. Bless you and please honor me just one small request, please give a complete stranger a smile. Especially if they look as if they need a smile, they probably do, we all do, we all need to smile just a little more.

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